Feedback from our customers in the Corporate sector

Lastly I would like to thank you for the excellent course, I personally feel it has been a really useful space to reflect on personal behaviours and also connect with colleagues in a different way. I would certainly recommend it for anyone aspiring to leadership.

Paul Clarke, Domino UK

I hope it has empowered my team to come to their own answers and to allow them to communicate them out to the wider business.

Gavin Thomas Technical Print & Performance Manager The Body Shop

This process really helps you think about approaching issues from different angles – to allow you to see the bigger picture and how you can best break it down. I spend a lot of time problem solving – this has certainly given me more confidence and greater scope when approaching an issue – looking at different aspects – asking different questions.

Surveillance Manager The Body Shop

The action learning set has united a professional team and encouraged them to work together and share/present group objectives and ideas.

Stuart Giltman Business Development Specialist Sandvik Coromant UK

My company has gained increased support for and from the team. The action learning set created a more powerful /influential group dedicated to improving business.

Jonathan Slack Business Development Specialist Sandvik Coromant UK

The team action learning was very good for the 70-20-10 process. On this course you will work with your own challenge- and you will become better at asking open questions and reflection.

Hanne Engler Debel Lead HR Business Partner DONG Energy

Virtual action learning would be a wonderful tool to use if face to face discussions for parent/teacher meetings are difficult to plan but necessary for the team to have. Especially in today’s society when parents, teachers, therapists, and other stakeholders all have different schedules and find it hard to be in one place for a set time, using the virtual action learning model to work through a potential problem that may arise in the school environment may be beneficial for all involved.

Jennifer Roberts Teacher Family First International School, Bermuda

Being forced to listen to others speak and pay close attention to what they are saying allowed me to take my focus off myself and to tune in wholeheartedly to my set members. Virtual action learning is an excellent tool.

Daltonell Minors Deputy Principal Family First School, Bermuda

Virtual action learning is a viable option when you desire to connect people who are separated by geography to achieve a common learning and organisational goal .. We are a more cohesive team and more focused on utilizing this approach within our organisation.

Physiotherapist Family First School,

I believe I am managing my team better as their one-to-ones with me are more focused and they do more of the thinking and talking

Helen Blizzard The Body Shop plc