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How Heineken achieved coherent leadership in a global organisation

Cultural differences, language barriers, operational disparities and educational variances all come together to present leaders of large and international organisations with a real … More

Commissioning in health and social care: Action learning as a process to support leaders dealing with complexity and change

No one can deny that the NHS is operating in a world which is changing at a scale and pace we have never … More

Becoming a leader, and becoming uncertain…

A lot of the work I do at the moment seems to be within large corporate organisations and working, specifically, with people who … More

The transformative power of action learning

For the past four years Action Learning Associates has worked with the Clore Social leadership Programme (Clore Social) to offer action learning as … More

Scaling up facilitator training for global organisations – new article published

Just published in Action Learning: Research & Practice an article co-written by Director Sonja Antell and Senior Associate John Heywood explores the challenges … More

Commissioning in health and social care: Action Learning as a process to support leaders dealing with complexity and change

Reflecting on the current winter crisis in the NHS, manifesting in ‘critical incidents’ being declared by a number of Hospital Trusts, I was reminded how complex ‘leading’ in the NHS has become. The focus of this article is on how action learning can provide a powerful process to support NHS commissioners as they grapple with complexity, change and difficult choices. More

Does action learning increase performance?

We are often asked how do you demonstrate that action learning is an effective, powerful and cost-effective methodology for developing individuals, teams and organisations? Action learning can be challenging to evaluate and data collection for evaluation purposes can be time-consuming and expensive

What do UK businesses need? What can action learning contribute?

A study (commissioned by the Institute of Leadership & Management) of the challenges UK businesses face in recruiting and developing skilled leaders and managers revealed there is a dire shortage of softer leadership and management skills. The value of action learning is that it provides a structure for leaders and managers to learn from experience More

Do you really listen to what other people are saying? by guest blogger Judith Cross

We live in a world where our lives are lived at such a fast pace, always on the go, always thinking ‘what next?’ We may think we listen to what people to say to us but this takes training, it takes time, and it is exhausting. Listening is an underrated skill but the outcome from doing it right can be extremely powerful. More

Unexpected benefits from action learning in teams

I have just returned from delivering action learning facilitator training in an unusual city, Monterrey in northern Mexico.  There was a lot about … More