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Boost your facilitation skills – new series of CPD Masterclasses

Are you an action learning facilitator who would like to increase the application of action learning within your business or organisation? Perhaps you’re … More

Reflections on action learning through haiku from guest blogger Katherine Waumsley

In order to reflect and present what I have learned through action learning facilitator training, I have decided to use the form of haiku. Haiku is a well known Japanese poetry form, which generally uses only seventeen syllables, often in a 5 – 7- 5 arrangement. I suspect this is a vast oversimplification of the form, but what I like about haiku is the way they can perfectly crystallise a moment in time… More

Taking a Breather – the increasing trend for reflection

In a recent Guardian article Oliver Burkeman wrote about “Breather” – a fabulous US initiative where you can rent space which offers “peace … More

Silence is golden

I’ve been thinking about listening a lot recently, as I’m working with several new action learning sets. What I have noticed is that at the beginning of the set’s life, there is a strong drive to ask questions, sometimes at the expense of actually listening to what the person talking about their issue is saying More

Finding a creative approach to evaluating action learning

First of all I’ve had to overcome a stupid fear of doing a blog!  Why should I be so reluctant to do something … More

Life changing aspects of action learning

Wow. I’m on the train back from three days of intensity in London where I have been training to become an action learning facilitator. It has been eye-opening and amazing! Quite frankly, it is life changing! More

What about the pitfalls and risks of action learning?

I am sometimes asked “what happens when it goes wrong?” and “what are the classic mistakes or pitfalls of action learning?” Careful contracting … More

Do you really listen to what other people are saying? by guest blogger Judith Cross

We live in a world where our lives are lived at such a fast pace, always on the go, always thinking ‘what next?’ We may think we listen to what people to say to us but this takes training, it takes time, and it is exhausting. Listening is an underrated skill but the outcome from doing it right can be extremely powerful. More

Facilitator training July 2014 – never the same river twice

Facilitating an action learning set – for real – is at the heart of our training course for facilitators. Just as the best way to understand action learning is by doing it, so too the best way to understand the challenges and opportunities of being a facilitator is also by doing it. It’s an intensive experience – participants come together to learn how to facilitate, and at the same time, they are working as a temporary action learning set. More

The keys to successful self-facilitation in action learning

One of the major benefits of action learning is that an action learning set is able to continue without a facilitator once members have mastered the action learning process. Many sets we work with – whether in-house or as part of a peer network programme – continue in this way. Self facilitation allows them to build longer term peer development networks of real benefit to themselves and at low cost. More