Action learning with global reach

Our work truly spans the globe. We facilitate action learning both face to face and virtually, allowing our clients to achieve international organisational goals.

We also train future action learning facilitators who may be working independently, or within their own organisation.

International action learning

When your organisation has people spread in different parts of the world, it can be a challenge to ensure everyone is working towards common business objectives. Our work involves bringing people together despite the geographical divide, to meet, share experiences, issues and successes.

Action learning provides a structure and rigour that focuses everyone on the objectives of the business, and helps them see the bigger picture.

Global reach – strengthening bonds

We have worked in more than 76 countries, in the corporate sector, public sector and for the arts and charitable foundations. The principles of action learning apply to virtually all circumstances, although every assignment we work on is different.

Above all, our work helps to strengthen bonds and build resilience and motivation at an individual level, so that the organisation as a whole benefits. Just talk to us about your current challenge and goals, and we’ll be happy to explain how action learning can help.

Typical applications include:

  • Implementing change and obtaining buy-in from management
  • Motivating international sales people to work together as a team
  • Improving confidence and conviction when dealing with difficult circumstances or people
  • Enabling managers to be problem solvers and to act decisively
  • Building closer bonds across dispersed teams and improve collaboration
  • Addressing cultural differences across countries and continents

Face to Face

Where budgets and time allow, we can facilitate face to face action learning sets in one location.


Virtual action learning

We use technology to work virtually so that everyone can participate no matter where they are.


Facilitator training

Face-to-face or virtually, let us train your own action learning facilitator to conduct sets within your organisation