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Action Learning Facilitation

Action Learning facilitator training – can anyone do it?

Sometimes we’re asked what it is exactly that we do as action learning facilitators. Don’t we just sit in a room with a … More

New world challenges facing organisational development

I took time out to attend the CIPD Organisation Development conference sponsored by McKinsey & Company in central London earlier this month. While … More

A new challenge for action learning – presenting a group held issue

Within days of the UK voting on the Brexit referendum, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do some work with the Danish … More

Silence is golden

I’ve been thinking about listening a lot recently, as I’m working with several new action learning sets. What I have noticed is that at the beginning of the set’s life, there is a strong drive to ask questions, sometimes at the expense of actually listening to what the person talking about their issue is saying More

Finding a creative approach to evaluating action learning

First of all I’ve had to overcome a stupid fear of doing a blog!  Why should I be so reluctant to do something … More

Action learning and vulnerability

I have been facilitating action learning sets for over ten years and remain as passionate about action learning as the day I first … More

What about the pitfalls and risks of action learning?

I am sometimes asked “what happens when it goes wrong?” and “what are the classic mistakes or pitfalls of action learning?” Careful contracting … More

Using clean language in action learning

I recently took part in a thought provoking workshop organised by the International Foundation of Action Learning (IFAL) on using Clean Language in … More

Becoming a leader, and becoming uncertain…

“If I have a problem I think about all the possible solutions and then choose a way to fix it” …Toby Lindsay muses on how the action learning process moves new managers into greater areas of uncertainty, places where the “think of the solutions and choose” option is not the most useful approach, and how it equips them with a range of skills, relationships and practices to lead more comfortably and effectively. More

Action learning and fellowship programmes

Having just returned from introducing action learning to the 2013 Fellows on the Clore Social Leadership Programme, I realise how fortunate I’ve been … More