Articles by John Heywood

Action Learning and neuroscience

Neuroscience – a fascinating insight into why action learning is so effective

Neuroscience is helping us understand why the modern workplace can be such a challenging environment and why methods such as Action Learning are … More

What’s in a voice? The art of listening – Webinar

With increasing pressure to save time and cut travel expenses, plus give due consideration to the environment, it’s not surprising that we have … More

Collaborating in the virtual space: observations from practice

Annual UK business travel for 2014 was estimated at 31 billion euros. As it becomes increasingly common for working groups and teams to … More

Action Learning works… and goes on working

When Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) decided to include action learning in their training plans, they commissioned Action Learning Associates to train … More

Fire and rescue service personnel create stronger, supportive bonds with action learning

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has been under tremendous pressure in recent weeks due to the terrible floods hitting their region. Co-operation, resilience and mutual support have been integral to their operational success. Read more about how action learning has helped develop stronger working relationships within the team, giving them the skills and teamwork needed to meet the challenges they face. More

Communication beyond language by John Heywood, Training Journal, November 2013

Associate, John Heywood has written an account of his experiences delivering action learning facilitator training to French speaking African groups – published in Training … More

British Red Cross – reflections on a virtual action learning training programme

If organisations are to adapt and thrive in changing conditions, they need to provide high quality, relevant development opportunities whilst keeping careful control … More

Trusting the action learning process

There are times when even the most carefully crafted programme doesn’t go entirely to plan. Such was the case during a three day … More

Does action learning increase performance?

We are often asked how do you demonstrate that action learning is an effective, powerful and cost-effective methodology for developing individuals, teams and organisations? Action learning can be challenging to evaluate and data collection for evaluation purposes can be time-consuming and expensive

Using different models in an action learning set – pros and cons

The recent ALF (Action Learning for Facilitators) event was its usual high quality gathering. Designed by Anne Layzell and Geoffrey Wolfson and led by Anne Layzell, the purpose of the day was to explore different models and techniques used within action learning.

I have absolute trust in the classic action learning process but I do like models and techniques and experimenting. I admit I like to try out new things, push some boundaries, and see what happens