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What is action learning?

“The end of learning is action, not knowledge”
Peter Honey

Definition of action learning

Action learning is a process which involves working on real challenges, using the knowledge and skills of a small group of people combined with skilled questioning, to re-interpret old and familiar concepts and produce fresh ideas.

Action learning gives you;

  • a simple yet powerful tool for personal and professional development
  • the opportunity to work on real problems and implement solutions – management development which is learning by doing
  • a powerful way for leaders to learn from other leaders

What the action learning process can offer you;

  • space for individual reflective learning
  • learning to take back to the workplace and translate into action
  • support and challenge from peers
  • the chance to work smarter and find creative ways to bring about change
  • a chance to test beliefs and assumptions and learn what works
  • a safe environment to explore new ways of thinking and doing
  • personal, as well as professional, learning and development
  • insight into how others achieve different solutions
  • a chance to progress new opportunities and develop new ideas .

An action learning set can be in-house with peers from your organisation or a cross sector set for leaders which bring together top level staff from different sectors and professional backgrounds.

Free Taster Workshop

If you want to discover more about action learning and whether it’s right for you or your organisation, then our free Taster Workshop could be the answer. Why not join one of our half day sessions in London to gain first-hand experience of this powerful process? Check out our news page for details of the next workshop.

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