Action learning for leadership

Action learning can either complement your own leadership development work or we can partner with you to create your Leadership Programmes.

In-house leadership programmes

Whether you are developing your senior managers, looking to introduce and enhance fast track talent programmes or improving the capability of line management skills, action learning provides a valuable tool for professional development that can be applied practically in everyday situations.

Action learning sets provide a way to explore what it means to apply new learning in the workplace and complements the 70-20-10 learning model.

Benefits for leaders include:

  • Developing leadership capacity and resilience
  • Direct application of learning into the workplace

We use action learning throughout a number of our programmes including creating a learning community for talent, for our management development offer and as supervision support for mentors.” International learning and talent director, global retail company

Leadership development for you

We can work with you to design and deliver your own Leadership Development programmes.

We use an approach called Action Inquiry, incorporating our extensive and pioneering track record in the field of action learning.

The field of inquiry is leadership and the leadership development programme takes your leaders through a critically reflective practice that starts with their existing knowledge and experience. It goes on to develop an improved understanding of how to tackle the bigger challenges they face more effectively.

How it works:

Leaders work together in a facilitated group for an extended period to ask questions and discover potential answers to their leadership challenges.

They will typically take part in:

  • Practical Action Inquiry based leadership workshops led by our expert
  • Action learning sessions
  • Executive coaching sessions
  • Personal 360° feedback processes, adapted to your organisation’s leadership model
  • A personal leadership project, supervised by an internal mentor or one from another organisation

Leadership Development Inquiry starts with a set of questions that leaders may not have asked themselves before. Questions such as:

  • What does leadership look like where I am working now?
  • What type of leadership is called for in my present organisation?
  • What sort of leader do I want to be?

The simultaneous combination of action and inquiry enables leaders to analyse the effectiveness of their actions and the possible outcomes that can be achieved through making different choices. Increased self-awareness coupled with a rigorous analysis of the organisation’s needs in a changing world lead to new forms of enlightened and disciplined leadership practice.

All our leadership development programmes are created in consultation with the team leaders that we work with, to make the outcomes specific to the needs of the organisation. We stay focused on practical applications of our work so leaders can implement their new skills with ease and confidence and have the capabilities within themselves to manage present and future challenges.