Using mindfulness to excel in facilitation

As an experienced facilitator, you will derive far-reaching benefits from attending a one day CPD workshop incorporating mindfulness techniques into your facilitation practice.

Mindfulness is an effective technique for enhancing action learning sets and other facilitated events such as team or board away days.

The workshop explores what differentiates regular facilitation from exceptional facilitation and how mindfulness techniques can overcome specific challenges and significantly improve your skills.

You will learn…

  • Tools to use in challenging facilitation skills
  • Techniques to “hold the space” in facilitation situations
  • Reflection tools to assess what is happening in groups

All through increased awareness of what you are doing and how to create the most effective and productive experience for your group.

During the workshop we cover:

  • What makes a great facilitator and how you can improve your own skills
  • An experience of mindfulness techniques including body scan and focussing on breath
  • Incorporating mindfulness techniques into your facilitation skills and everyday life and work
  • Formulating your personal action plan

An engaging, informative and enjoyable exploration of mindfulness and its relevance to facilitation and action learning.
Lynda Haddock, Director & Education Consultant, Zaphod

If you’re looking to improve your own techniques and build upon your existing facilitator skills, this is an excellent place to start. We can’t recommend it highly enough because we’ve seen what a difference mindfulness makes to the entire action learning experience.

Our workshops are available for a team of facilitators within your organisation, or you can join an open learning programme.