Virtual action learning for experienced facilitators

If you’ve already trained as an action learning facilitator why not join one of our virtual action learning sets (VAL) for experienced facilitators and learn the skills of action learning facilitation in the virtual world?

The next step for facilitators

Groups of between four and six experienced action learning facilitators meet for an initial short virtual session to contract together and discuss the differences in approach to facilitating a virtual, rather than a face to face, action learning set. A further four half day (3.5 hour) VAL meetings allow everyone to gain first-hand experience of presenting and facilitating and to receive feedback on their presence in the virtual world. Two of the meetings include a process review and analysis of the virtual action learning process. Ruth Cook steers the group through the potential pitfalls and offers her considerable experience and skills.

The time is right for virtual action learning

Like face to face action learning, virtual action learning can operate in cross-sector sets, where peers from different organisations participate, or for single organisations – big companies, national and international organisations, where set members are geographically distant. It allows individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and creates savings in travel and time away from work. It develops the skills of leaders who very often now manage virtual teams and need skills for team development and meaningful communication that are not dependent on face to face contact.

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Having got so much out of facilitator training I was keen to identify ways I could facilitate long-distance action learning in Africa and for INGOs with very limited training and development budgets. The course was of the same high standard that I have come to expect from ALA. I personally found VAL very effective and by the end of the course had a plan to run my own sets which are now about to happen. Because it combines theory and practice this course is the perfect opportunity to experience VAL in action… even if you don’t plan to run VAL yourself at the moment this is a growth area for coaching and AL which practitioners would be wise to try out for themselves.
Mary Ann Mhina, writer and facilitator

“I really enjoyed the virtual action learning training and found it really comfortable – being in a space and focussing on what I am hearing. I felt very engaged in every session and have experienced it as a really powerful process.”
Toby Lindsay, Senior Consultant, Toby Lindsay

“This has been really useful. Virtual action learning feels a lot less different than I had imagined. I was struck by how quickly the set, with the support of a skilled facilitator, built an intimate rapport. Action learning requires strong listening skills and only having the voice to go on led to us to be strongly focussed. The structure and methodology work even though we are not in the same room”.
Sue Isherwood, Director, National Culture Forum