Evaluating action learning

A masterclass in how to show its worth

If we want to show that action learning makes a positive difference, we need to be able to provide powerful evidence to demonstrate its effectiveness.

You may wonder how do you demonstrate that your action learning programme has created value for the participants and the organisation. How do you convince the budget-holders that it’s been worth it? And how do you engage participants and other stakeholders in a meaningful evaluation process?

Evaluating action learning can be challenging. The starting point of an action learning programme and the eventual outcomes will be different for each participating individual, for each action learning set, and for each organisation. This masterclass aims to equip you with the methods you need to prove its value and obtain buy-in from a range of stakeholders.

Who is this masterclass for?

This one-day masterclass is for you and anyone in your team who delivers or commissions action learning programmes, and wants to explore practical and powerful methods for evaluating them.

Participants are invited to present a real-life evaluation challenge and should be prepared to come away with new and exciting actions to carry out!

Course objectives

  • Answer the questions “Why evaluate?”; “What to evaluate?”; and “How to evaluate?”
  • Identify which evaluation methodologies are most appropriate for evaluating action learning
  • Offer practical examples of how action learning programmes have been evaluated in the past
  • Explore ways of engaging a range of stakeholders in evaluation
  • Consider the different uses of evaluation data for different purposes

What you will take away

  • A clear understanding of the benefits of evaluation and how to use it to present a case for action learning
  • Knowledge of which evaluation methodologies are most appropriate for action learning
  • A process for evaluating action learning programmes
  • Practical case studies of evaluation
  • Ideas for how to engage different stakeholders in evaluation
  • An ability to demonstrate that an action learning programme has added value

This course can be delivered in-house or as an open course with participants from other organisations. Please use our enquiry form to express an interest or call directly to make a booking on 0207 407 1971.