Applied action learning for experienced facilitators

CPD Masterclass

People often go away from our training courses with fresh ideas and approaches on how to use action learning within their organisation or business or, for independent facilitators, with their clients.

However, in many respects, our initial training is just the beginning, and participants often ask for more in depth exploration. They’re right to ask too, as action learning has so many uses and applications.

So we’ve developed an exciting new follow on course, looking at how and when to apply action learning and explore all its possible uses.

The first in our series of Masterclasses is the next step in development for you if:

  • You are an ILM accredited action learning facilitator or trained with ALA
  • And you’re an independent facilitator looking for ways to grow your client list and develop new approaches to running action learning sets
  • Or you’re an OD/L&D professional who would like to expand how you currently use action learning within your organisation and you wish to explore new uses for this technique

During our masterclass, you can expect to:

  • Explore the myriad uses of action learning for organisational and individual development
  • Share experiences of constructing action learning programmes through case studies
  • Leave with practical ideas on using action learning to benefit your organisation or clients
  • Understand when and where to use action learning including the situations when it may not be appropriate
  • Explore an action learning approach you can use with teams or for project development
  • Understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of virtual action learning

What I liked about this masterclass was the pace of delivery and rigour of the content.

Creating time and space to think, stretch and re-energise as a practitioner matters. I liked the level it was pitched at with a mix of experience so a genuine openness to learning and learning together.