Action learning facilitator training delivered virtually

If you’re keen to train as an action learning facilitator, yet unable to attend our action learning courses in London, you may wish to consider our virtual training sessions instead. Taking part from your home or office, you’ll be part of a team of participants sharing the same objectives, with each session delivered by one of our specialist virtual action training facilitators.

These courses are available ‘in-house’ for several members of your team, or you can join an ‘open’ course where we will match you with a group of peers from different organisations.

You’ll learn the skills required to facilitate action learning sets both face to face and virtual, as you participate in our course. This course is popular with individuals preferring to participate remotely or for those who wish to specialise in delivering action learning virtually, from a distance.

No experience is necessary to get started.

Some of the benefits you can expect to achieve are:

  • Build the leadership, communication and team skills required for managing remote teams
  • Develop your ability to facilitate skilful learning and development interventions in teleconference and web situations
  • Allow individuals and organisations who train with you to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Deliver action learning effectively whilst offering your clients savings in travel and time away from work

Virtual action leaning facilitation training for your organisation

We can provide bespoke training for several members of your organisation, ideal for:

  • Large organisations with complex change and transformation programmes where training people driving the change cannot be done face to face
  • Geographically distributed leadership and development teams who want to learn together
  • Global organisations looking to promote team cohesion in geographically dispersed leadership teams

Open virtual action learning facilitation training for individuals from cross sector organisations

Virtual action learning can operate successfully in cross-sector sets, where peers from different organisations participate. As well as learning to facilitate action learning both in the virtual environment and face to face, participants build a supportive network of peers in different organisations and cultures.

To find out if action learning training, delivered virtually, is right for you or your organisation, please get in touch or call us on 0207 407 1971.

It wasn’t nearly as alien as it sounded on paper. It has been a really interesting experience. Virtual action learning is extraordinarily powerful: the silences, the questioning, the process, the fact that it works without having visual identities. We quickly got to know who was speaking, the nuances in the voice, the question behind the question. Pauline Johnson, Senior Professional

Experienced action learning facilitators can train in virtual action learning as a CPD activity on one of our regular CPD programmes.

Find out more about virtual action learning via a recording of our webinar: What’s in a voice? The art of listening.