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Action learning facilitator training

Facilitator training July 2014 – never the same river twice

Facilitating an action learning set – for real – is at the heart of our training course for facilitators. Just as the best way to understand action learning is by doing it, so too the best way to understand the challenges and opportunities of being a facilitator is also by doing it. It’s an intensive experience – participants come together to learn how to facilitate, and at the same time, they are working as a temporary action learning set. More

Capturing the action learning journey - learning log

Capturing the learning journey – accreditation for action learning facilitators

Recently I had the great opportunity to run a day to accredit six people who had attended our three day open action learning facilitator training course. It is exciting to spend the day with newly experienced action learning facilitators and to hear how they are using their skills in a range of settings and diverse applications. More