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Chris Underhill receives Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2013

ALA Associate Chris Underhill accepted the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2013 at the Skoll World Forum held in Oxford on 11 April. The Skoll … More

Training to be an action learning facilitator has just gone virtual

ALA has just launched a pioneering new course in action learning facilitation which is delivered entirely virtually –ideal for international participants and those … More

ALA appoints new Director

Sonja Antell has been appointed as a Director of Action Learning Associates with a remit for business development.  A highly experienced consultant who … More

Action learning and retail….the challenge of responding quickly and thinking deeply

The slow pace of action learning can seem alien to customers in the dynamic and fast moving retail industry – Director Sonja Antell reflects on how the chance to step back and reflect is proving so valuable to ALA’s retail sector customers. More