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Need a way to improve performance, promote learning, and position your organisation or business to adapt better in turbulent times? Looking for a personal or organisational development tool to build new competences, find alternative solutions to challenges, and test out new ways of thinking? Action learning could be the answer.

Managing Director, Ruth Cook has brought together a remarkable team of action learning practitioners who operate throughout the UK and internationally. With over fourteen years experience delivering and promoting action learning Action Learning Associates (ALA) is now establishing itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of accredited action learning facilitator training.

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Provider and commissioner collaboration brings positive outcomes for people with learning disabilities

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Action learning can transform the relationship between health and social care commissioners and service providers for the benefit of service users.  A recent pilot action learning set hosted by the Local Government Association shows that commissioners and providers (even those in competition with each other) can work successfully together using action learning. Positive outcomes included improved cross sector communication, new ways of working and service development as well as improved working practices for the benefit of vulnerable service users. Read our full case study here.

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